Frequently Asked Questions about Stress management

FAQs Why is exercise a good way to combat stress?
Exercise is recommended to fight stress because you release your pent up energy, tension and frustration through physical exertion.
How does mediation help in fighting stress?
Meditation helps because in this activity you need to clear your mind of negative thoughts. You then gradually try to relax your body through stretching and deep breathing exercises. It helps because you are forced to not think about your stressors and focus on finding your center or calming your body.
Can stress be eliminated completely from my life?
Stress cannot be eliminated totally from ones life besides, stress is not all that bad. Positive stress can lead to anticipation and excitement and successfully meeting deadlines or winning in competitions (usual stressors) can give a person a high and a sense of accomplishment. The goal should not be to eliminate stress but to learn how to deal with stress.
Is there a way to manage stress better?
In order to manage stress, you should first be able to identify your stressors and recognize when you are beginning to exhibit the physical manifestations of stress. To manage stress, you should be able to identify the things that are within and not within your control and react to these in a positive manner. It also pays to build on your physical reserves (get enough sleep, have a healthy diet) and to monitor your emotional state.