You can release stress by indulging in strenuous or relaxing activities.

Coping with Stress Stress need not be a regular part of your life. You can combat stress the moment you feel it creeping into your system. The first step is to recognize when you are beginning to feel stressed out. When you notice your body responding to stress in a negative way (tension in your shoulders, headaches, palpitations, etc), remove yourself from the stressful situation. If this is not possible, then alter the way you react to stress. You can mediate, for example. Get your mind off the stressor and relax. You can also modify your outlook on life by choosing to not yourself be affected by things you have absolutely no control over.
It also pays to set realistic goals and to not put too much pressure on yourself. If you canft deal with your stress, donft hesitate to ask help from your friends, family, colleagues or even medical professionals. Finally, you can release stress by indulging in strenuous (sports, exercise) or relaxing (pottery, watch a movie) activities.