There are the so-called 4Ds that aim to guide people who are craving for a cigarette.

Tips on How to Stop Smoking It is possible to quit smoking for good notwithstanding the many obstacles and failures faced by smokers who are trying to quit. Stopping smoking is a process that is made up of overcoming the physical addiction to nicotine and breaking the smoking habit. Understanding and coping with both the habit and the addiction components of smoking helps in prioritizing the need to stay off cigarettes.
There are the so-called 4Dfs that aim to guide people who are craving for a cigarette. The first D stands for Drinking water. It flushes the nicotine out of the body while distracting the smoker from the urge to smoke. The second D stands for Delay. Delaying or wasting a few minutes lets the urge to smoke pass. The third D stands for Deep Breathe. Taking few deep breathes and relaxing for a few minutes may let the smoker realize that he/she doesnft need a cigarette after all. The last and the fourth D stands for Doing something else. It can either be spending more time with people who donft smoke, doing something enjoyable, holding a straw if there is a need to hold something in onefs hand, chewing gum or eating a low-calorie snack, exercising or sewing and knitting.
A bad time to quit would be when a person is under a lot of stress or timing is around a holiday. Most smokers may find themselves quitting several times before finally making good on the attempt. The first move would have to come from the smoker as those who do so stand a better chance of sticking with their decision. Planning ahead on how to avoid smoking when an activity has to be done with other smokers is a good way of achieving good health without necessarily losing friends.